Ryan + Deanna: Engagement // Colorado Springs Wedding & Portrait Photographer

Deanna is my cousin. We didn't grow up knowing each other really well like most girl cousins. I remember her visiting our house one time, but that was it. They lived far far away (as my little ten year old mind thought). We never had the opportunity to be best friends, like I think we could have BUT, many kudos to Facebook, we reconnected after about 10 years and instantly became friends. She lived in Colorado and I lived in Ohio, so there was still a pretty big barrier of distance. So once Deanna + Ryan got engaged it was the perfect excuse to visit. So Deanna flew me out to do their engagement photos and we finally got to see each other in person for the second time in our lives (thank the Lord for airplanes -  I found out that the Colorado that I thought was "oh sooo far away" isn't all that far at all, just a short 2 hour flight). 

She welcomed me into her home with open arms and it was like we grew up together ever since day one. They showed me around to all their favorite spots and views in the Colorado Springs and Denver area and spoiled me the whole weekend. We took pictures in one of the little towns and then headed to Pike's Peak Reservoir. Beauty at it's finest. Colorado is beautiful and so are the people in it. Thanks for such a wonderful weekend you two :)