Personal: A Day in the City // New York with Reed

There's a first time for everything. Since we were in New York City shooting a wedding we decided to take an extra day and see the city -- it was our first time. It's's reallllyyy big. I loved when we could start to see the skyline from the highway (when we were still miles and miles and miles away). 

Weekend trips are some of the best memories we've made as a couple and this one was no exception.  Though we both agree that San Fran is still our favorite city New York ranks pretty high up there now. We are going back in April for another wedding and will hopefully be able to see more of the city we didn't get to experience this past time. My favorite part of the whole New York experience was the Brooklyn Bridge at sunset. The bridge started to clear off some and you can see the sun piercing through in between the skyscrapers. It was an experience all on it's own.  

PS. This was my first time using the Tilt-shift's such a fun lens