Tim + Rachel // Wedding

Tim + Rachel

I shot Rachel's sister's wedding back in January so I was familiar with their family and friends which made photographing the wedding so fun and personal for me. In many ways Rachel's family is like mine - BIG (Rachel is one of seven kids), very close + supportive, and they know how to have a good time, but take the things of the Lord very serious. I really can't express how much I love photographing weddings for the same family - it's the best. 

Rachel is a designing and photographer herself (all the graphic design work you'll see in the post was designed by Rachel. One word - TALENT). The wedding was nothing short of glorious and the beautiful lighting and weather God gave us was spectacular. We did most of the pictures at her parents beautiful home and everything was perfect, not like "oh that's perfect"  half-hearted like but the"Ohhh my goodness this IS really perfect"  kind of perfect. Sometimes photographing weddings is just work and sometimes its just fun. This was definitely just fun. 

Tim + Rachel you and your family is buckets of laughter and fun and I hope to see more of you all.