Our Greatest Adventure....

I'm sitting here staring at the screen trying to figure out how I want to start this post. A post that will go down in history as the most exciting post I. have. ever. written. I think I'll start with....


Us, we, Reed and I, together are having a baby -- OUR baby! It's so surreal. God and his power has because so much more real to me that two imperfect human beings can make a life together (with the touch of God). I've never experience such excitement in my entire life. I have a person growing inside my body. One that we, solely, will be responsible for, to care and raise. We will be the most influential people in this little person's life. It's my turn to be Mom and Reeds turn to be Dad. Such a great and sacred gift the Lord has given us.

Expected Arrival, March 2016. 

A little bit of a story to tell, we made the final payment on our house this past June (all glory goes to our Heavenly Father for providing us with careers with love and providing the work). It was the first huge goal we reached in our marriage together. We wanted so badly to have a home that was OURS, with no strings attached to a mortgage. We knew that money fights in American is one of the leading causes of divorces and we didn't want to have to worry about money stress (or at least knock out as many chances of problems with money as we could). We know the Lord is not for debt, and we want to bring him honor and glory in all we do. We know our money isn't "our" money, it all belongs to Him and he has put us as stewards over it. So we pinched our pennies, and worked our tails off, and said good-bye to our mortgage. We paid if off exactly two years from the start date, which wasn't on purpose, we didn't even realize it till after we had done it, that it had been exactly two years to date. But I know the Lord did that just for us! 

The baby works into this in an amazing way. I had always said it would be really cool to get the house paid off before we had kids, so we brought babies into a debt-free world. But it wasn't something we really pursued or tried to make happen. It was simply a "Oh yeah, that would be really cool" kind of thing, but we were open to kids before, just wanted His perfect time. The same month we paid off the house (in June), we got pregnant. The Lord works in marvelous ways. It amazes me how the Lord loves and cares for his children. He has been so so good to us. I'm humbled to think he would even care about us, yet give us so many blessings, and in such an amazing timeline. His is faithful. So faithful. 

That's our little adventure at 6 1/2 weeks. Our first ultrasound pictures. 

Below is a video of when I told Reed. He knew there was a possibility we could get pregnant but we really weren't expecting it. Well that morning, after I had been a few days late, I stopped and picked up a pregnancy test at the store on my way to the shop (a family owned business, that I work at once a week). I took the test in the bathroom, and to be honest, I really wasn't expecting the test to be positive. "Ye of little faith..." was me. I took it, set it down on the back of the toilet and let it finish. After a minute or so, I turned around and picked it up, and saw a very strong two lines crossed -- meaning pregnant. It was the most surprised-exciting-nervous-overjoyed moment of my life. I had to cover my mouth so no one heard me squeal. I think that has been the most overwhelming moment of my life in a good way. I could hardly believe it. I had to go all day (working with my sister, and sister-in-law) and not say a thing. I was laughing and smiling all day, and couldn't wait to get home and tell Reed. On my way home, I stopped by the store again to get another test...just to be sure. Thankfully, the same lady didn't ring me out. Haha ;)  

He got home shortly after I did, and we had revival at our church that evening, so we got ready for church, and before we left I told him I wanted to get a picture of us together, since it had been a while. So he obliged, and we went into the backyard and I set my tripod up. I, as you can see, put it on record instead and recorded me telling him, without him knowing it was being recorded.After I found out that morning, I had told him I wasn't feeling that great, and he took that as me having a visit from Aunt Flow, so I let him think that. Haha. 

His reaction was priceless. Check it out. You'll want to turn the volume up, the critters outside were competing with my voice. 

Telling my family on 4th of July. We told them it was a hilarious video of August, to get them all inside and away from the picnic for a minute. They all thought I was a little "dog crazy", but they all came in to watch my "dog video"....needless to say, they were surprised when they started watching a video of Reed and I (we showed them the above video). See their reactions.  

Our little adventure at 10 weeks 4 days. The Lord has blessed my health and I've had very little morning sickness. I've felt so good. PRAISE JESUS!