Hannah + Brian: Wedding // North Carolina Wedding & Portrait Photographer

I've known Hannah practically my whole life. It wasn't until our teen years that we got close though. They started attending our church again and it was the perfect timing -- I was lonely and in need of a friend. Hannah and I sang in church together regularly, shared in a love for volleyball and had the best sleep overs at the Barrie's house.  Hannah has always been mature beyond her years and we were kindred spirits from the start. So when her Mom got married to a man that lived in North Carolina, life changed very rapidly for her. The last night they were at church was a celebration of how much they impacted our church but also a very sad sad night. I was never good with good-byes, especially with people I'm close with. We cried as they rolled out of the church parking lot. I felt like I lost a sister to the "horrid south". Hannah was mad at Brock (her step Dad) for bringing their family to North Carolina away from all her friends and family in Ohio, but little did she know God had a man waiting for Hannah. Waiting to marry her.  

After graduation from high school Hannah got involved with Word of Life Bible Institute in FL (which she never would have went to if they hadn't moved to North Carolina). The first time pulling into the school Hannah spotted Brian and told Brock that she thought he was really handsome, and if you know Hannah you know she doesn't "just" say things like that. The year nothing really happened between them. They were in different areas of the school working and he was older than her. The next year they started talking more and more....before long they were together and the rest is history. Little did Hannah know that moving to North Carolina would lead her to Brian. Needless to say, Hannah is no longer angry with the fact that Brock brought them to North Carolina. I'm pretty sure she is more thankful than ever to have moved to the south.