David & Tabitha: Wedding // Hilltop Equestrian Center

Here I am, two months after the grand event, finally sharing it on my blog. There's this weird self-caused pressure/sentimental messiness to photographing a family members wedding, nonetheless when it's your brother and sister-in-law's (Reed's sister) wedding. We'll just say I'm very honored to be able to document love, but it takes it to a new level with it's someone you're close too. 

They got married at the beautiful Hilltop Equestrian Center, where Tabby teaches horseback riding. The ceremony was planned outside, but the rain came and so it was moved inside (always have a back up plan, brides!). A little on the rain, it literally was gorgeous the morning of the wedding. Sun was shinning and no clouds in sight. Right as we started the portraits outside it started to rain and soon became a full on Spring down pour. Tabby had THE BEST attitude about it. It didn't seem to phase her one bit. The rain finally did letup up shortly after the ceremony started and the sun came out shining in through all the huge doorways. It was beautiful. 

They wrote their own vows and I definitely had to hold back the tears. God had this story planned for them and it was/is so beautiful to get to see it unfold in such an amazing way. The way they handle all the planning and setbacks/opposition was pretty remarkable. Many people don't know that David got chicken poxes ten days before their wedding. Yes, ten days before their wedding!!!!! Talk about unneeded stress!! They were able to get a shot that basically helps kill the spread of it and stops it from spreading (thankfully!). But in all honesty, I think Reed and I were more upset about the situation then Tabby and David. They were so chill about it! We wanted everything to be perfect for them and this to be a relaxing time and then this happens. I was/still am SO proud of how they handled it. It all worked out fine and they got married in the end, just as they had planned. Now it's a crazy story thy can tell their kids and grand kids. 

God is so good and we are so happy that he brought them together.


Here are some of my favorites from the day.

The guys were pretty proud of the get-away vehicle, and yes, those are fireworks and smoke bombs.  The best send off  I've ever seen!