Colorado 2015 // Personal

This past August we shot a wedding in Colorado. We went a couple days early to see some of Colorado, since we've never been to the Rocky Mountains. Colorado is defiantly  among my favorite states. The terrain in the Mountains reminds me of something you'd see in Ireland or Iceland, yet it is right here in the states. We took route 34 through the Rockies. WOW, such an incredible drive. We stopped at Sprague Lake, and drove up and stopped at Bear Lake, and hiked the trail to Dream Lake and Emerald Lake.  Emerald lake was incredible.  The emerald colored water made the name so fitting. Reaching the top of the Rockies was incredible. The yellow grassed mountain felt like something out of a fairy tale.  We also visited a couple spots around Silverthorne, which was where the wedding was located. So many different types of terrain in Colorado. 

I was about 13 weeks along in my pregnancy for this trip, so it made it a little bit tricky with all the hiking, but lots of snack crackers and water was the solution -- keeping my stomach happy. It's amazing how a pea pod sized baby can take so much of your energy. Anyway, I finally have some time to blog a couple of our trips from 2015, so stay tuned ;)