Caleb + Michaela // Wedding: Southwest Ohio Wedding Photographer

A girl, dear to my heart, named Michaela, married her lover, Caleb, on August 22nd. They gave me the great honor of capturing it for them. I've known Michaela since she was 10, and she has been like a little sister to me. They put the whole wedding together in a short three months. They were engaged, and wanted to be husband and wife, so why wait! 

Watching Chaela get ready all morning was precious. She was very cool, calm, and collected. No crazy nerves. She knew what she was about to do and was ready for it. She wanted to be Caleb's wife forever!

The wedding took place on her parents farm, where she grew up all her life. The same place her older sister (Eastlyn) made vows to her husband 3 years previous. A place very dear to her heart. A place where they had some of the best Fall parties ever. ;) 

As Michaela and her Dad walked down the aisle lined by flowers and people, I felt so overjoyed to know this couple. Hearing their hand written vows to each other, a promise of was priceless. Love you to the moon and back, Chaela!! I hope you enjoy this wedding preview. <3