Bruno + Christa // Wedding: Long Island, New York Wedding & Portrait Photographer

Bruno + Christa

You could say I was a bit excited for this wedding, seeing it was my first wedding in New York City and at a mansion nonetheless.  I knew the wedding was going to be great when she booked me but it far exceeded my expectations. It was glitter + shine the whole way. Very organized and top notch service. 

Christa is a planner. She's been planning her wedding out since she was a little bitty girl.  She finally got the chance to make it a reality. And let me tell you, she made a beauuttiiful beautiful bride. Oh, and get this they had people all the way from Brazil attend the wedding, BRAZIL!

So you know the typical rap New Yorker’s get as being rude and blunt…well Christa and Bruno & family were the furthest from that. They were constantly asking us if we needed anything and made sure we were getting feed etc,.  It made us feel important, loved and that they were happy we were part of their wedding day. It really was such a joy to be part of their wedding.