Best of 2016

This past year was a learning curve for me and my business in so many different ways. One of the biggest (BEST!) learning curves of 2016 was our son Benjamin. Getting all my work done, and having a newborn isn't an easy task. Throw in nursing him into the mix, and trying to find time to pump at EVERY.SINGLE.WEDDING was a lot more work than I anticipated. It was a lot of WORK, but it's work that you just *do* because, gosh, he's so worth it. 

Another learning curve: I struggled a lot with my style this year. I often felt like if my style didn't match up with "the fads" than I couldn't be a "photographers" photographer -- I wouldn't be popular. I've learned the fads do indeed fade, and there's always something new coming and going, just like the wind -- doesn't mean you should change to it. I had to redirect my focus back to my clients and making them happy, because in the end, that REALLY is all that matters.

Half way through the year I changed my business name and brand to Lydia Ruth Photography. I had been wanting to do this for a long time, but never put my time into it. I think a little part of me was of attached to my original name. That was the name I started my business out with over 7 years ago, as a 15 year old. I've been so pleased with the change, and fresh start. 

We've had struggles and challenges in 2016, but we've seen SO much growth through it. It has been our best year yet for LRP. We took part of so many love stories, each with their own unique story. It's hard to put into words how much it means to us. We are looking forward to new opportunities and challenges that 2017 has ahead for us.