Josie // Portraits: Dayton, Ohio Wedding + Portrait Photographer

 EastlynSarah and I met Josie for the first time last Sunday. Josie has been a  fan of all our photography work and has followed our blogs and Facebook for a few years (and we have been conversing back and forth about photography and such) and she was going to be in Ohio not too far from us and wanted to meet the three of us.  I know I have several photographers that I would LOVE to meet one day, but I never thought I would be that photographer for someone else--so it was super special for me that Josie wanted to meet me. 

She wasn't quite what I expected, she far exceed my expectations actually (you can only learn so much about a person via Facebook lol) ;) Josie is a very deep, genuine, curious, fun individual and just a happy-sweet person to be around. Talkative and just adorable but in a grown up-mature way. She's got the beauty the brains. Creative + thrives on learning new things. Such a blessed + talented girl. Josie, keep up all the hard work--you've got it girl. 
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