{Portraits} Rebekah : Dayton, Ohio Wedding & Portrait Photographer

This is Rebekah. She is my younger sister, she turned 15 TODAY!

 Rebekah is one of those people you just expect SO much from. She's 10 years more mature then her age. She's been the "cook" at my parents house since she was 13, which if you've ever eaten with my family you know that is a big responsibility to have. Sometimes I forget she's my younger sister. You can ask her to do anything and she will find a way to do it for you. She has a servant's heart. She loves her family SO much, even though she acts like she doesn't ;) Many people think she is serious and quiet, when really she's not. If you really know her you know she's weird and funny at the same time. She's opinionated, but not in an annoying "I know everything" way, but in a "I know what I want out of life" way. She is confident and genuine. She doesn't give her trust out easily, you have to earn it. She hides her feelings. She is strong at all times, but really has a soft heart. She's not your typically "boy crazy" teenager--she's stable and know what she wants in life. Oh and she's beautiful. She doesn't need make-up or the latest trend to make her beautiful. This is Rebekah.

Happy Birthday Rebekah. Love you sis!

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