{Part 5: Love//Learning//together} First Anniversary travels

I started planning our first anniversary trip 6 months into our marriage. I wanted it to be amazing, fun, warm, adventurous, and something we hadn't done before. At the time neither of us had been very far west at all, and we really wanted to explore a little bit of the west. So we decided to go to California for a week and see the three major cities and drive along the coast on Route 1 and just make a road trip of it.

Day 1

We flew into San Francisco for our first stop. We rented a car for the week so we could go where ever we wanted. Our first stop was the local grocery store (haha), yes I said the grocery store. We bought a cheap, disposable cooler to put food/snacks/treats in for our lunch and breakfasts while we were on our trip (to save a little bit of $$$). The smartest thing EVER! We just pretty much explored all day. We were thrilled that is was 63 degrees instead of 25 degrees. Everyone there was wearing coats(some even had hats on lol), but us Ohioians were lovvvinnnggg the temperature.
 photo IMG_0325_zpsf7ebe510.jpg

 photo IMG_0343_zpscc9b634d.jpg

 photo IMG_0354_zpsdc5b3b83.jpg

 photo IMG_0382_zpsd77f2128.jpg

Driving over to Treasure Island, then we went to Lombard Street (the street that has the most hair-pin turns).
 photo IMG_0336_zps29f26f8e.jpg

 photo IMG_0411_zpseb55df50.jpg

 photo IMG_0437_zps37f46cff.jpg

 photo IMG_0404_zps01385dec.jpg
Our first sighting of the Golden Gate Bride
 photo IMG_0413_zpsa739a9bf.jpg
This is kind of what we pictured San Fran looking like tracks in the road, houses smashed together, and HILLS. There are soo many hills. We'd be mega fit if we ran in San Fran like we do in Ohio. That's a good excuse to move there right??!
 photo IMG_0483_zps3693af16.jpg

 photo IMG_0489_zpsb5d0f13b.jpg
Oh and we can't forget the Trolley. We never ended up riding one...but aren't they cute?
 photo IMG_0485_zpsda305d13.jpg

 photo IMG_0499_zpsf0b01dde.jpg

 photo IMG_0513_zpsbb7791a1.jpg
So many cool buildings and color!
 photo Untitled-1_zpsf0c15dc1.jpg

 photo IMG_0516_zpse139f425.jpg
One of my favorite views of the coast.
 photo IMG_0538_zpse04be681.jpg

 photo IMG_0539_zps7858dd78.jpg

 photo IMG_0551_zps1fd5065f.jpg
Our view from din din, spectacular. Oh, and I ATE SALMON! A whole, big salmon. I'm not a fish eater, but it was actually really really good.
 photo IMG_0555_zpsd82ab3a9.jpg
Day 2: Our Anniversary Day!
This was probably my favorite day of the trip. We woke up rested, we told each other Happy Anniversary (made out a little bit ;). I gave him his anniversary gift, which was a book I made of all our favorite memories from our first year marriage and wrote a little bit about each of them. It was precious going through the book with him and looking back on all our favorite moments over the past year.
 photo IMG_0570_zps243629fb.jpg

 photo IMG_0578_zps0535237c.jpg

 photo IMG_0579_zps441da0ae.jpg

 photo IMG_0583_zpsa6e9e277.jpg

 photo IMG_0595_zps1771fb56.jpg
This is Twin Peaks. I'm pretty sure I took like 2x's the pictures on this day then any other day. lol. What can I say, I wanted our first anniversary to be well captured.
 photo IMG_0615_zps9fb619ee.jpg

 photo IMG_0625_zpsa219a725.jpg

 photo IMG_0619_zps609a9e8e.jpg

 photo IMG_0634_zps55f94d2d.jpg

 photo IMG_0638_zpsd796e56d.jpg
Some amazing views!
 photo IMG_0640_zps11546456.jpg

 photo IMG_0649_zps4b990144.jpg

 photo IMG_0651_zps0e6291c4.jpg

 photo IMG_0652_zps97c81ff3.jpg
The Presidio of San Francisco.
 photo IMG_0657_zps34e92f10.jpg

 photo IMG_0658_zpsbf364d35.jpg

 photo IMG_0679_zps33521f06.jpg
Reed trying to get the Pigeon...."Take a picture Lydia, take a picture!!"
 photo IMG_0713_zpsc0ee3925.jpg
We were both really excited to see the Golden Gate Bride. You know you always see it in the movies and all those chick-flicks...its way better seeing it in person.
 photo IMG_0697_zpsdd789dfa.jpg

 photo IMG_0731_zps3f5a7e84.jpg

 photo IMG_0732_zps5f85f8f6.jpg

 photo IMG_0734_zps8c6208ee.jpg

 photo IMG_0723_zps3371cdc5.jpg

 photo IMG_0745_zpse3de05f6.jpg

 photo IMG_0770_zpsd2f01d20.jpg

 photo IMG_0759_zps10d981f3.jpg

 photo IMG_0772_zpsef4f682c.jpg
Driving on the bridge...was...prettyyyy sweet.
 photo IMG_0777_zpscfd3121c.jpg

 photo united3_zps861e8c75.jpg
"Reed its RED dirt!!!!" "Yes, Lydia, *laughs* it's red dirt".
 photo IMG_0823_zps92f7bf84.jpg

 photo IMG_0892_zpsdab620ba.jpg

 photo IMG_0829_zpsfe96b69a.jpg

 photo IMG_0839_zpsb4c61973.jpg

 photo IMG_0835_zps1da60e47.jpg
Carrying my camera bag everywhere for me XOXO. He's the best! (Don't you love how he flipped the cover over so it wasn't showing the floral design haha).
 photo IMG_0842_zpsc5c7d607.jpg

 photo IMG_0875_zpsa50b838f.jpg

 photo IMG_0903_zpsf38568e7.jpg

 photo IMG_0900_zps559e5efb.jpg

 photo IMG_0912_zps9820d57f.jpg

 photo IMG_0917_zps2973c7ec.jpg
The pathway to Point Reyes Lighthouse was my favorite part of the day.
 photo IMG_0907_zpsa5d4b672.jpg
 photo IMG_0919_zps4fcbabd5.jpg

 photo IMG_0923_zpsbd9cdfaa.jpg

 photo IMG_0928_zps0f767d9d.jpg
I went a little picture crazy with my camera when I saw this gorgeous light.
 photo IMG_0934_zps3de98e9b.jpg

 photo IMG_0940_zps11ccda65.jpg
 My man is smokin' hot!
 photo IMG_0941_zps2396d391.jpg
We are fun together.
 photo IMG_0946_zpsc1d2f075.jpg
He makes me silly and giddy.
 photo IMG_0947_zps293a76f0.jpg
 photo IMG_0944_zpsab0b9840.jpg

 photo IMG_0957_zpsf80ae209.jpg

 photo IMG_0951_zps09dc5e42.jpg

 photo IMG_0959_zps1bc3a686.jpg
Point Reyes Lighthouse
 photo IMG_0964_zps0cae9e40.jpg

 photo IMG_0966_zps4d18952a.jpg
You could feel the bridge swaying back and forth in the wind when we walked acrossed
 photo IMG_0973_zps17516d63.jpg

 photo IMG_0977_zpsdbc08022.jpg

 photo IMG_0981_zps5b7b9a6b.jpg

 photo IMG_0986_zps0c877177.jpg

 photo IMG_0990_zps403adfbf.jpg

 photo IMG_0992_zps2a210caa.jpg

 photo Untitled-4_zps9f0ac31b.jpg

 photo Untitled-8_zps72fd73c7.jpg

 photo IMG_0999_zps2de1cd32.jpg

 photo IMG_1011_zps43eaab69.jpg

 photo IMG_1021_zps888fffb4.jpg

 photo IMG_1026_zps90976a73.jpg

 photo IMG_1032_zps5489623d.jpg

 photo IMG_1036_zps9d230980.jpg

 photo IMG_1058_zps35b35fc0.jpg
Our first time in the Pacific was pretty awesome.
 photo IMG_1045_zpscdf95c3d.jpg

 photo IMG_1043_zpsde1704a7.jpg

 photo IMG_1030_zps54003a77.jpg
Our retro hotel room :)
 photo IMG_1070_zps38ef108a.jpg

 photo IMG_1075_zps71d3cfce.jpg

 photo IMG_1078_zpsf0f32c44.jpg
All the Piers were beautiful!
 photo IMG_1082_zps21c7b5a6.jpg

 photo IMG_1083_zps737b7bd9.jpg

 photo IMG_1090_zpsb2c6b906.jpg

 photo IMG_1098_zpsc2acb8bd.jpg

Reed and I "pretending" to dodge the "pretend" pigeon poo that was "supposedly" falling from the sky. Yeah, wasn't the most mature moment of our life. ;) *slaphappy*. It was a beautiful night together. We ate at a seaside-american place. Talked a lot about our first year married. (Man, I love him more and more everyday).
 photo IMG_1135_zps7d7356f4.jpg

 photo IMG_1120_zps3b72ab10.jpg

 photo IMG_1108_zpsb7f14e2f.jpg
Day 3 we had a long drive ahead of us, but we wanted to walk on the Golden Gate Bridge before we left. It started out with us being yelled through a microphone by the State Police. Apparently you aren't allowed to walk on both side of the bridge, who knew?! lol. Well we did make it on the right side of the bridge (litterally, don't try and walk on the left side! lol)
 photo IMG_1159_zpsb70074c1.jpg

 photo IMG_1163_zps9ab3c58e.jpg

 photo IMG_1169_zps0e18f5fa.jpg

 photo IMG_1170_zps129a52fb.jpg
Reed wanted me to take a picture of our feet actually ON the bridge. I tell ya what...he is going to work me out of a job here soon.
 photo IMG_1173_zpsca6536c3.jpg

 photo IMG_1175_zps135a513b.jpg

 photo IMG_1174_zps520b060b.jpg

 photo IMG_1184_zps7158f0c6.jpg

 photo IMG_1187_zps0d087f04.jpg

 photo IMG_1200_zps8a47f6db.jpg

 photo IMG_1194_zps7cb9fe96.jpg

 photo IMG_1209_zps542d69c2.jpg
Driving the coast was pretty amazing. God is such an artist to think he designed it all. We were on the coasts for about 7 hours this day and it was constantly beautiful views.
 photo IMG_1213_zps3a370b5a.jpg

 photo IMG_1220_zps733e2404.jpg

 photo IMG_1225_zps8eb4bb8d.jpg

 photo IMG_1239_zpsd4fa6484.jpg

 photo IMG_1246_zpsb6d64de5.jpg

 photo IMG_1242_zpsbebefffa.jpg

 photo IMG_1248_zps4963229e.jpg

 photo IMG_1243_zps5e8e998c.jpg

 photo IMG_1250_zpsba010ea0.jpg

 photo IMG_1255_zps22a1aa77.jpg
Los Padres National Forest
 photo IMG_1283_zps30d694b9.jpg

 photo IMG_1285_zps53b3a1d7.jpg

 photo IMG_1293_zpsafb2179b.jpg

 photo IMG_1300_zps7eee401c.jpg

 photo IMG_1317_zpsd887c1c2.jpg
The photos a little fuzzy, but we were actually inside the Los Padres National forest here.
 photo IMG_1328_zpsebdff540.jpg

 photo IMG_1334_zpsa5efd7dd.jpg

 photo IMG_1342_zps9eef52c1.jpg

 photo IMG_1343_zpsf199bfec.jpg

 photo IMG_1349_zps49e96db0.jpg

 photo IMG_1359_zps36ab1e62.jpg

 photo IMG_1361_zps00937907.jpg

 photo IMG_1365_zpsc09a4c02.jpg

 photo IMG_1368_zpse092ed63.jpg

 photo IMG_1379_zpsd90ea73b.jpg

 photo IMG_1393_zps3095b1b9.jpg

 photo IMG_1399_zps1dbe31a5.jpg

 photo IMG_1427_zps75d85dcb.jpg

 photo IMG_1400_zps2a0f75f0.jpg

 photo IMG_1438_zpseb3e7ab5.jpg

 photo IMG_1428_zpse471e776.jpg
Day 4 we had spent the previous night in Morro Bay, CA.  This was right outside our hotel. We didn't stick around much here. We were headed for LA which was still a few hours away.
 photo IMG_1449_zps970b2bd8.jpg
This is in Malibu.
 photo IMG_1462_zps798b48e4.jpg

 photo IMG_1463_zps8ebecf0c.jpg

 photo IMG_1465_zps890802f0.jpg
We made it to LA. Our first stop was Hollywood.
 photo IMG_1473_zpsb6ee79c7.jpg

 photo IMG_1488_zps38075241.jpg

 photo IMG_1495_zpsc3ac985d.jpg

 photo IMG_1497_zps2a10a921.jpg
So we were walking down Hollywood Blvd. and Captain America wanted a picture with Reed. After the picture we started to walk away "where is my money?!" he said. "Money? We aren't giving you any money for being in a picture!!". So apparently you are supposed to tip them if you take a picture with them. He is the one that wanted a picture with Reed so he should have tipped us if anything. :p
 photo IMG_1499_zps03604461.jpg
We did a little bit of shopping in Beverly Hills, let me rephrase that, we did a little bit of "looking" in Beverly Hills.
 photo IMG_1509_zpsbd4f940f.jpg
Reed's favorite star.
 photo IMG_1508_zps2fd00e36.jpg

 photo IMG_1515_zps48170cde.jpg
On the St. Monica Pier
 photo IMG_1520_zpsd5da4461.jpg
Day 5 we were going to Universal Studios. It was very warm and we were stoked.
 photo IMG_1528_zps31db3c62.jpg

 photo IMG_1530_zpsac65daf1.jpg
We took a tour of the actual Universal Studios lot. This is the actual street where they filmed Desperate House Wives. We saw a lot of cool stuff.
 photo IMG_1553_zpsa84192cc.jpg
This is all part of Universal Studios lot where they film a majority of their TV shows and films.
 photo IMG_1560_zpsc56bc27d.jpg
Downtown LA. This is the Disney Concert Hall.
 photo IMG_1566_zpsf570a3ab.jpg

 photo IMG_1570_zpsee8c6177.jpg

 photo IMG_1577_zps2159df0b.jpg

 photo IMG_1575_zps4f0b1b09.jpg

 photo IMG_1581_zpsc2cf9b16.jpg

 photo IMG_1574_zpsf851806c.jpg

 photo IMG_1591_zpsc3e1429b.jpg

 photo IMG_1588_zpsb7c83ed5.jpg
Nightlights of LA
 photo IMG_1595_zpsf4df6cb5.jpg

 photo IMG_1604_zps234a9022.jpg

 photo IMG_1605_zpsa4299ee1.jpg

 photo IMG_1601_zpsa4d6905e.jpg

 photo IMG_1598_zpsc713815f.jpg
Day 6 we woke up early and drove down to San Diego, our final stop. We spent most of the day at Sea World. We got to pet dolphins, watch Sea Lions bark for food (it's pretty hilarious), saw 4 different shows, and ate chicken that was not too tasty.
 photo IMG_1613_zpsc11cb008.jpg

 photo IMG_1614_zps405e995a.jpg
A litte fuzzy again..
 photo IMG_1616_zpse939a158.jpg
Ohhhh, the cutenes part of Sea World was Shamu and his Mommy. It was addoorrraable!
 photo IMG_1607_zps4810c516.jpg

 photo IMG_1627_zpsb493744f.jpg
This was the view from our hotel on Shelter Island.
 photo IMG_1628_zps47800477.jpg
Day 7 we spent AT THE BEACH most of the day. Even though the water was freeezing it was so much fun to be in the ocean and get a little sun ;)

 photo IMG_1650_zps72b2500d.jpg

 photo IMG_1649_zps8fd47c3c.jpg

 photo IMG_1641_zps6cd4050d.jpg
You can see the city of San Diego across the water.
 photo IMG_1654_zps490fd737.jpg

 photo IMG_1655_zps77214ced.jpg

 photo IMG_1672_zps3eb8067f.jpg

 photo IMG_1686_zps15b018e1.jpg

 photo IMG_1673_zpsa704efc4.jpg

 photo IMG_1661_zpsc5c17ea9.jpg

 photo IMG_1658_zps9db9ec2d.jpg

 photo IMG_1689_zps24d0f7c8.jpg

 photo IMG_1679_zps2f5dd2f3.jpg

 photo IMG_1700_zps138d1866.jpg

 photo IMG_1702_zpse130a5bb.jpg

 photo IMG_1703_zpscc0f8641.jpg
We flew out early the next morning headed back home. We really couldn't have had a better time. It was such a great/fun time. The best part of it wasn't that were were in a beautiful place or that we saw a bunch of cool things, the best part was being together and celebrating our love, just him and I.
 photo IMG_1706_zpsb967f8c3.jpg