{Part 4: Love+Learning+Together} Las Vegas, NV

Here are a few photos from our little trip to Las Vegas last month. Reed had to go for work (they have a big conference there every year) and I was able to go with him. It was pretty exciting for us both because we had never been that far west before. It was really nice going to 65 degree weather from Ohio's yucky, cold, and snowy weather. Reed was in seminars some of the time so I got to kinda explore the malls and shopping centers in Vegas and let me tell you "I wasn't in Dayton Ohio anymore" lol. We were able to go to our very first Broadway show while we were there "Jersey Boys", even if I had to talk Reed into it a little ,tiny bit ;) He ended up really enjoying it. We went up in the Space Needle Replica and watched the Fountain show at the Bellagio Hotel (was super cool!).

We mostly enjoyed the time together. I did pick up my camera a few times though ;)

 photo IMG_9371_zps1025cfa2.jpg

The view from our hotel
 photo IMG_9375_zps943c583d.jpg

 photo IMG_9377_zps5cfbc08b.jpg

Our hotel
 photo IMG_9384_zps86a88fa0.jpg

 photo IMG_9386_zpsd53e9ce4.jpg

This one inside one of the malls.
 photo IMG_9408_zps048d5c9b.jpg

 photo IMG_9406_zpsc7f73443.jpg

 photo IMG_9487_zpsd283e760.jpg

 photo IMG_9482_zps7ef671cb.jpg

 photo IMG_9521_zpsf63225e7.jpg

 photo IMG_9508_zps9dd2606e.jpg

 photo IMG_9494_zps329e19e7.jpg

 photo IMG_9503_zps67da0343.jpg

 photo IMG_9517_zps1303e642.jpg

 photo IMG_9428_zps4ea238b7.jpg

 photo IMG_9456_zps4e9d239c.jpg

 photo IMG_9443_zpsb9f85fd0.jpg

 photo IMG_9414_zpsd9ff0f04.jpg

 photo IMG_9393_zps6367e526.jpg