{Personal} Transition

I've been a married chick for two months and five days. Seems like yesterday I was walking down the aisle with my Dad toward my, at the time, "future" husband and now it's already been two months. I knew things would completely change, but I didn't realize how much "completely" mean't, until now. Going from living with thirteen people to living with one person-- it's a bit of a change. I come home to a quiet house everyday. I miss the noise!! I miss walking in the door and my parents asking how my day was or my siblings arguing over who's job it was to do the dishes lol and sharing a room with my sisters. It's the littlest things that make me miss my "old" home. All of us older kids gathered in the living room with Mom talking about everything and anything, how different life would be when we all got married and moved out. Nothing was closer to the truth. It's been a huge transition for me. It's made me a different person in a lot of ways. It has matured me in ways I didn't even know needed tending. It's given me a softer heart. It makes me appreciate my family even more, never taking them for granted. Working on building my friendship with them so we stay close- It's easy when you live in the same house and see each other everyday. I miss the "being a little girl" feeling. It's been a change...a huge change and I miss my "old" home A LOT......but I've really been trying to concentrate on building my "new" home with Reed. Making it a happy place for him to come home to. A happy place for him to wake up to. Marriage has taught me a lot. It's better taught me the importance of having a personal walk with the Lord. It has showed me how important it is to put others first and keeping my priorities in order. Being selfish and being a help meet! It's hard work and a lot of team work! I'm in no way an expert, I'm just a work in progress. Still working on transiting to my "new" life and praying God will show me how to be the best wife possible for Reed (because he deserves the best). Marriage is so wonderful despite how much I dislike change, it is, without a doubt, been change for the good. I love being able to get up and make him breakfast every morning. I love knowing he is all mine! I love that my heart is in good hands with him, knowing he'd never break it. He protects me (even when there is nothing to protect me from ;). He is my support group! He holds me when I cry...and when I laugh. I know he is my biggest fan and will always lead me in the right way. He tickles me and makes me scream and tells me all his lame jokes and I laugh at them because their funny, but lame nontheless ;) He really is my better half and best friend. He completes me and makes me so happy. So to sum things up I'm not a huge fan of change, but this change has been wonderful. I'm no long a "Robertson girl", I'm Mrs.Campbell and I'm quite proud of that! Just a little bite of my heart. Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket