Cherish the moments

Priorites- That's a hard thing to get right sometimes. Life is sooo very busy, and sometimes my priorites get scrambed up a bit. Running a business at 18, planning a WEDDING and honeymoon(still hard to believe), working part-time elsewhere, being the middle child of a family of 13, having a house to decorate, having 3 of my siblings get married in the next year (which I'm either IN the wedding or photographing-some of which I'm doing both) + spending time with my love(Reed), family, and friends, Church. It keeps my life pretty interesting. Making choices everyday on how I will spend my time is a huge deal- whether I buckle down in my chair and EDIT for hours, or spend time on wedding planning, with family, friends, or keeping in shape (lol). Whatever the case maybe, time is so precious. God is really teaching me how to use my time wisely and always putting HIM first NO matter what. Earthly things will pass away, but what you do for God is eternal.

Time- It is something you can never get back. If you spend it foolishly what have you gained, or the better question is what have you lost? Sometimes instead of spending more time that my business needs trying to keep up with the constant changing photography world- I'll spend it sitting downstairs with my family late at night talking, laughing, making fun of each other or even just watching a movie or playing with my litte siblings. Because I won't always have that time with them. Living at home will soon just be a memory. A very wonderful memory, but just a memory non-the-less. Blogging for instance is something that gets pushed back and left out a lot of times, not because I don't LOVE blogging (cuz I DO), but God is teaching me somethings are more important then always having an upated blog.

I'll be married off and moved out of my parents house in 3 months!!!! My last days at home are now. I cherish EVERY single mintue of it. I love coming home and seeing Faithy ( my youngest sister) yell my name and run up and give me a hug. Or Mom asking me how my day was and I reply with my usual "It was fine!" lol. My nosey siblings always asking where I'm going when I walk out the door, or asking me who I'm taking pictures of today (which they never know who they are lol). Sitting in the living room talking with my family at 1 O'clock in the morning about how different life will be in a year when 4 of her child will be married off. I'm going to miss it all!!!! I'll be starting a new chapter of "Lydia's Life" it's called "Married Life". Which I'm so very excited for it, meanwhile, I am enjoying these' last months at home soooo much. *Cherish the moments*