I've done it!!

That's right, I have finally decided which logo I like the best and which one bet suits Lydia and PhotographyByLydia. I am going to be making changes to my website the next couple of weeks and improving my blog. I am soo excited for this coming season. I can't wait to start back into the swing of things. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you a million times for helping me decide on a logo! I'm super duper exited about it and how much fun this year is going to be with my business!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the logo I have choosen. It seemed to be a lot of people's favorites as well. Thanks agian everyone for your opinions and help. :D

My camera is always in the center of things-Did you get it?? Lol. If you look at the picture my camera is right in the center of the picture. Do you get it now?? lol.