A pray!!

This is for the Lewis family and everyone that is hurting(Lov ya Melissa♥)

Dear God,
O God, please help Melissa and everyone that is hurting from this Lord. Sometimes we don't understand why these things happen to us Lord, it seems when we are lest expecting it, it happens. Noone was prepared for this Lord, and Lord please just comfort everyone that is hurting, I know many people will miss him Lord. And Lord please help all of us to always remember how we are bless so much and not take anything for grant it Lord, we don't deserve family Lord, and people that loves us Lord, but you gave them to us anyways Lord, and we know we arn't our own Lord, we belong to you Lord and sometimes you take one us home to Heaven with you Lord. But its always hard to see someone you love pass on Lord. The only way to get through it Lord, is by your strength. So please I ask Lord, help everyone that is going through this Lord.
In Jesus name Amen!