A prayer answered!!!

So today I helped Melissa Esterline(Emulsionsphoto.com) with a wedding and I had such a great time. I got to see some friends that I hadn't seen in such and long time, and it was such a blessing. I also had a great time hanging out with Melissa(which I always do),but I am really thankful to Melissa for letting me be her assistant, and help her. I enjoy it so much and it helps me so much just by watching her. You could say she inspires me:) I am so thankful that she takes time to teach me and show me so much in photography. Not only in photography, but also as being a christian, she's such a good influence on me and an example for me. I truly believe God lead me to her to help me not only in photography,but to be a better christian.
So really this is to Melissa, Thanks so much I can't explain how thankful I am ,to God, for putting you in my life. YOU are an answer to prayer. Love you Girl,