I had an awesome day LOL!!!

Ok I had a really fun filled day today. Well to start the day off I helped Melissa with a really great wedding. Definetly top ratings in all the weddings I have helped her with. The Bride and Groom were so so adorable and fun and layed back(Thank God for people like that LOL) Then after that got home, got ready, grabbed my camera, then rushed off to an "Avalon Concert"(YAY!). This Concert was the bomb!! I had such a blast and this was the very first "Avalon Concert" I have ever been to..so you can imagine I was pretty excited to go(since they are like my favorite band). So here are a few Snapshots. ENJOY!!!


Thought this was really cool loook'n(One of my favorite people out of the group)

This was really sweet, they had their two little girls come up and the one little girl sang us a song and did a wonderful job I mite add.

Love this one